Advanced Wifi Lock

This app is designed to fix the problem where Wifi becomes disabled every time you turn the screen off.

Advanced Wifi Lock prevents your phone from sleeping whenever wifi is enabled and you turn your screen off, which allows Wifi to stay connected. This method should work for any Android device.

Confirmed working on the ZTE Blade/Orange San Francisco, Creative Ziio, Nook Color.

Other Features:
• Optional timeout so you don’t accidentally leave the phone awake for too long
• Ability to automatically disable wifi if you get disconnected from your wireless Access point (e.g. out of range)
No ads!
Full Version Includes:
• Widget to quickly enable/disable
• Customisable timeout

Please Note: This app uses a wake-lock to prevent the phone from sleeping, leaving the phone in a wake-state for too long will use excessive battery power.


Advanced Wifi Lock (Free) Advanced wifi Lock (Full) widget


Advanced Wifi Lock (Free)

If you don’t have Android Market access, use this link to download the latest free version (APK).

Advanced wifi lock (free)

If you would like a Widget (supports xhdpi) and the ability to customise the timeout option, then please consider buying the full version.

Advanced Wifi Lock (Full)

QR code for Advanced Wifi Lock (full)

If this app works on your device, please let me know by leaving a comment (here or on the Market).


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