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Advanced Ringer Rocker emulates the Android 2.1 volume rocker button behaviour which allows you to enter vibrate or silent mode using the volume buttons.

With this app enabled, pressing Volume Down results in:
[Normal → Vibrate → Silent]

Pressing Volume Up results in:
[Silent → Vibrate → Normal]

This functionality was removed by Google in Android 2.2, as it confused some users.


This app causes the following side-effects
• If you manually change from normal to vibrate mode (i.e. without using volume keys), you will need to press the volume down button twice to enter silent mode.

• Every time you turn off silent mode (e.g. via settings or the lockscreen), it will always then enter vibrate mode instead of normal mode. i.e. You need to swipe the lockscreen silent slider twice to leave silent mode

Market Link

Market Link (36 hour free trial)


The main aim of this release is to fix problems where wifi may become disconnected after several hours of being idle/screen off.

1.3 Changelog

• Changes to prevent the service being killed by the system when memory is low
• Service should recover properly if does get killed
• App now saves when you press the home key (in addition to back or menu/save)
• Menu changes

Market Link

Market Link (Free)

Direct APK download


Emulates hardware keys (Home, Menu, Back etc) and overlays them on the screen, on top of all applications. Highly customisable interface:
• Choose the number of buttons you want
• Position them
• Change button function
• Change Button sizes
• Adjustable Transparency

A fully-featured but time-limited trial is available below.

Perfect for Tablets including Nook Color devices which lack hardware buttons.

Note: This application uses Android’s Licensing Library (LVL) which means your device must have Android Market installed and periodically connect to the internet.




Virtual Button Bar

Virtual Button Bar QR full

Virtual Button Bar Trial – 36 hour time-limited

Virtual Button Bar QR trial


Download the latest trial (36 hour) version 2.0 here.