Advanced Wifi Lock 1.3 update

The main aim of this release is to fix problems where wifi may become disconnected after several hours of being idle/screen off.

1.3 Changelog

• Changes to prevent the service being killed by the system when memory is low
• Service should recover properly if does get killed
• App now saves when you press the home key (in addition to back or menu/save)
• Menu changes

Market Link

Market Link (Free)

Direct APK download

  1. SK said:

    Free Version: Great app – thank you.
    How do I get it to automatically log back into Wifi after being out of range?
    I have it set to Auto wifi disable when out of range, but have to manually turn wifi back on when I get back in range.

    • opotech said:


      In the free version, you can only be out of range for 30 seconds before the wifi lock will turn off (if you have the ‘Auto wifi disable’ option enabled).

      You could disable the “auto wifi disable” option, which will mean your phone automatically reconnects when you get back in range but it would keep your phone awake and wifi on even when you are out of range of wifi.

      The full version of the app has the ability to set any grace period. e.g. You could have wifi/wifi lock stay enabled for 5 minutes after you move out of range of your wifi AP.

  2. bobby said:

    I downloaded the trial to droid 3 and its not working. I have the settings right but I’m wondering is having the go locker app or the smart app locker is stopping it from working?

    • opotech said:

      Those apps shouldn’t have any effect on Advanced wifi lock. It sounds like it isn’t compatible with your device, unfortunately.

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