Virtual Button Bar


Emulates hardware keys (Home, Menu, Back etc) and overlays them on the screen, on top of all applications. Highly customisable interface:
• Choose the number of buttons you want
• Position them
• Change button function
• Change Button sizes
• Adjustable Transparency

A fully-featured but time-limited trial is available below.

Perfect for Tablets including Nook Color devices which lack hardware buttons.

Note: This application uses Android’s Licensing Library (LVL) which means your device must have Android Market installed and periodically connect to the internet.




Virtual Button Bar

Virtual Button Bar QR full

Virtual Button Bar Trial – 36 hour time-limited

Virtual Button Bar QR trial


Download the latest trial (36 hour) version 2.0 here.

  1. rolando lamug said:

    i do not have any internet connection on my android tablet, how can i try your virtual button, and where can i purchase the apk version and will this work without internet connection

    thank you

  2. Moises Cruz-Izquierdo said:

    I use the virtual button bar on a Motorola Xoom update 3.2 and of course rooted. I also use a notification bar hidding app, HoneyBar. While they work well together, there is one flaw I found. When the bar is hidden and press the notification button on Virtual button bar, nothing happens. But it works as intended when the bar is showing.

  3. Pan Cit said:

    where can i pay thru paypal?

  4. wolfgang deutsch-baron said:

    really nice, perfect on my tablet archos 101. please add a darker theme (or skins?) for higher contrast on grey backgrounds.

    • opotech said:

      Hi wolfgang,

      I don’t have any plans to add themes or skins to the app at the moment but if the current colour is a problem i’ll try darkening the buttons for the next release.


      • Wolfgang Deutsch-Baron said:

        Got it. Thanks for that !

  5. stephen grimes said:

    I hve just purchased virtual button bar for my LENOVO A1 tablet which is fully rooted but all the buttons work except the back button,which comes up with “unable to execute as Root”,help

    • opotech said:

      Try quitting the app and restarting it: Press Menu -> Stop & Exit then reopen it and Superuser should catch it. Do other Root apps work on your tablet?

      • stephen grimes said:

        now working OK,thank you

  6. Matan said:

    Hi, I have HTC desire z
    I purchased virtual button, button back and menu comes up with “unable to execute as Root”

  7. Ralf said:

    Hello,VBB is the most useful app ever,but on my rooted Sony ARC S with ICS 4.03 the menü
    and back button won´t work.(Unable to execute as root). Please help me

    • opotech said:

      Hi Ralf,

      Did you get a Superuser request when you first opened the app? Does Menu (in VBB) work? You can give the Superuser app another chance to catch VBB by opening VBB and press Menu -> Stop & Exit. Then reopen it and hopefully you’ll have a dialog asking to grant root access.


      • Ralf said:

        Open menu;Stop and exit.Delete VBB in Superuser.Start VBB again.Superuser access,but it won`t work on ICS.

    • opotech said:

      I can’t work out what’s causing this problem so I’m sorry but it’s going unsolved. If you can’t use the app without that functionality then you are welcome to a refund.


      Richard @ Opotech

      • Ralf said:

        No,thanks.I´m using the other buttons very often,So it´s not perfect for me
        ,but very very good.Thank you very much

  8. Ralf said:

    Now I´m working with a rooted 4.04 on my Arc S and everything works fine.
    Now I´m very happy

  9. Button color not changed in new version. (motorola atrix)

    • opotech said:

      I’m not aware of any bugs with button colouring and have just tested with the latest version which works fine. Can you explain the problem more specifically?

      • hyunggil kim said:

        hi ~ my cell phone is samsung galluxy s2. menu, home, back button does not work, so phased VBB.
        home and back button function is good, but menu button does not work.

        how to resolv that ?

        help plz.

  10. Troy said:

    I’d like to give you my thanks for this app.
    I got Virtual Button Bar for my Dad who is quadriplegic and has no strength in his fingers to press buttons, but he can easily wave his hand over the proximity sensor and touch the icon he needs.
    Thanks to this app he and now many other mobility-impaired people are able to access all of the functions on their Android phones without needing any assistance.
    Working perfectly on HTC HD2 (rooted with custom XDA Android ROM)

    • opotech said:

      Thank you for the comments. I’m glad to have helped!


  11. Dear… opotech

    I got this app… virtual button…today ^^;; , It’s cool app..

    And I have a suggestion.

    I need the delay time setting of fade out, after come out pulldown menu,

    How about this function?

    Have a nice day.. bye..

    • opotech said:


      Thank you for the suggestion but I am no longer adding new features to the app.


  12. hyunggil kim said:

    hi ~ my cell phone is samsung galluxy s2. menu, home, back button does not work, so phased VBB.
    home and back button function is good, but menu button does not work.

    how to resolv that ?

    help plz.

    • opotech said:


      I updated the app to use a new official API for Back/Home so it works without Root but there was no support for Menu, probably because Google have phased out its use. You need to have Rooted your phone to be able to use Menu.


  13. hyunggil kim said:

    so. It is not able to my cell phone rooting. home button is not work.

    hum … any other resolve ?
    ok thanks for your regard…

    • opotech said:

      Sorry but the only way for Virtual Button Bar to invoke Menu is for it to have Root access on your phone.

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