Fine Volume Control V2

Fine Volume Control V2

Fine Volume Control 2.0 gives the ability to change volume in 1% increments and adds an optional replacement for the standard on-screen volume dialog which includes a dial to help adjust the volume when not in-app.

If you can never find the perfect volume level or you want to go below 1 bar of volume, then this app is a must-have.

• 100 volume stages instead of 15 (excludes in-call volume)
• System volume dialog replacement – change volume with the dial when not in the app
• Option to disable overlay when in certain apps (e.g. games or alarm clock)
• 5 dial colours and dialog visual styles
• Fully customisable dial size and sensitivity

Download the trial here:

Buy the full version here:

  1. Winfried Haag said:

    I installed the fine volume control 2.0 on my SGS2 and I like this tool in principle.
    Unfortunatelly the tool works not correctly. While changing the volume in music player (google stock player or music folder player donate), there occure several hops. This is in lower volume very bad, because when the volume hops from quit volume to loud volume, you will be really frightened.
    There is also a reproducable bug. If you reduce volume from high downwards to zero and then increase from zero to 1 or 2 etc., there is no volume. Since the moment, the level is increased to 6, then volume starts.

    I would like to ask you, whether this problem is public and you were in action to resolve the problem or the problem only is a problem of my SGS2.

    Thanks a lot for your answer, have a nice evening,

    best regards,


  2. opotech said:


    Are you using the dial to change the volume? Or changing the volume via the hardware buttons, or via the music players own controls? The only way to get finer control over volume is to use the dial/overlay or the main fine volume control app sliders. If you use the hardware buttons or any other volume app, the volume will appear to ‘jump’ on the overlay.

    I’ve noticed that somebody else left a comment reporting similar results; i.e. the volume is silent until x% (15% in their case) but I can’t reproduce it myself so I presumed it was device/ROM-specific. The most popular device among fine volume control users is the Galaxy S II and you’re the first to contact me with this problem so it’s probably ROM related and not something I can fix.


  3. Eduardo said:

    Hi Just downloaded this app,
    Is there a way to control the phone? It does not seem to gain control over the volume from the phone.

    It works well on media player, etc.

    • opotech said:

      Hi, No sorry, in-call volume isn’t supported.

  4. Mickey said:

    hi, I just bought the app, and it does the job, but… How do I enter the advanced preferences menu? I don’t see this option in the app?? Thanks

    • opotech said:


      There should be three small dots on the bottom right corner of the screen, tap that they hit Preferences and scroll down to Advanced preferences.

      If you’re using a recent HTC phone you may not see the three dots and you have to hold down the recent apps hardware button which emulates the menu button.

  5. Jewellissa said:

    I just got the trial for Fine Control Volume and so far so good – so I will be buying it. Have you considered allowing users to rename their Profiles into something else? For instance I had to download this program for a new pair of Bluetooth earbuds I got for Christmas that were just simply crazy loud. However my old Bluetooth headphones are fine and require a different Profile.

    I’m sure remembering the difference between Profile 1 and Profile 2 is not a big deal. Just a nice idea that I think would give good functionality.


    • opotech said:


      You can change profile names by pressing menu then Preferences/Profile Names.


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