Fine Volume control V2 updates

Some of the recent additions:

  • Fully customisable UI colours.
  • Option to allow volume to go even lower than previous versions
  • Change duration the overlay stays on for
  • Performance improvements
  • Volume profiles
  • Shortcuts to access main app via overlay


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  1. Alex said:

    Hi I’m using a epic 4g touch and I really like this app its very useful, but could you maybe add the option to open the dial by holding the search button down that way you don’t ever need to press the rocker and avoid any jumps completely

    • opotech said:

      Thank you for the suggestion, but it’s not something I will add because overriding the search button involves a lot of work.

      • Alex said:

        What about a guesture option to open the dial up like touch the bottom of the screen and slide up?

      • Alex said:

        Nevermind I just realized the proximity senser setting it works great lol

  2. Wall said:

    Could you support Tasker plugin please?

    • opotech said:

      Sorry, no plans to add Tasker support.

    • DH said:

      +1 this request. My LG HBS730 headset does not play well with RAZR MAXX HD due to aptX codec volume issues. In order to listen at a reasonable volume, I have to set the headset to lowest level, android system media volume to 1/7, and then also set Fine Volume Control to about 25% of ‘Extremely Low’ range. On headset connect/reconnect, Tasker can set the system volume for me. Unfortunatlely, when my media player restarts playing, FVC does not become effective until the next volume change in FVC. So, I want to automate the intial setting of FVC’s value via Tasker.

      A second request would be to have FVC use the notification area to quickly access a volume slider or dial, instead of the overlay concept. Having overlay respond to the volume buttons and proximity sensor is a bit of a kludge. It would be a lot more useful to have the “active” volume type (media, ringer, etc) as a slider in the notification area, and a button to open up the notification to adjust all volume types.

      • opotech said:

        Hi, Sorry but we are no longer actively developing the app. Also due to the nature of how the app works, it doesn’t have full compatibility with all devices, which is something we tried to work on – hence the many “workaround” options.

  3. Dmitry said:

    How do I move the yellow marker on the media volume indicator to a lower value from the default of 11% for normal volume, 22% for low volume, and 43% for extra low volume?

    • opotech said:

      Hi, That is the limit of the default system volume and is just an indicator, you can’t modify that position.


  4. techguyone said:

    Will you make the slider bars the same colours as the rest of the theme? e.g. blue, red etc so the theme is consistent rather than having green bars on everything.

    • opotech said:

      Hi, Sorry but there are no plans for any more updates to this app.

  5. Tomás Isaza-Lay said:

    Is there a way to disable the standard volume control dialog when you press the volume keys on a galaxy s3, I get two popups when trying this app, the standard (rectangle with settings button) and the fine volume control, I would like to show only the fine volume pop up

    • opotech said:

      No, that’s not possible.

      • Tomás Isaza-Lay said:

        Thanks for your prompt response. I might try using the proximity method and just disable the volume keys.

        [ I respect your decision not to update this app anymore but in case you change your mind I would suggest remapping the keyboard (volume keys) to, for example, the search button (that doesn’t exist in the S3) and hook that to launch fine volume, that way the standard volume dialog shouldn’t appear when you press volume up / down.]

  6. DH said:


    – If system media volume is changed via the Settings screen or the normal android system volume popup, FVC jumps from current value to 100%, violating headset limit!
    – On Main FVC screen, headset limit is enforced confusingly. Editing any volume slider allows the indicated value to go to 100%, even though the headset limit seems to be enforced on actual output. Sometimes, a slider other than the edited one will jump down to the headset limit or less.

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