Radiant Particles Live Wallpaper

Free: https://market.android.com/details?id=opotech.particlelwpfree

Full: https://market.android.com/details?id=opotech.particlelwp

An amazing Live Wallpaper made from thousands of moving particles that follow
your finger. Create unique swirls and watch as the swarm dissipates. Customise particle count, blending and touch. Full version includes colour, size and more!

Radiant Particles Live Wallpaper

  1. Dustin Alcaraz said:

    The radiant particles is seriously the best live interactive wallpaper around. I freaking love it! I tried the free one and HAD to buy it.

    • opotech said:

      Thanks very much! I’m glad you like it.

  2. Adam said:

    How to use the multi color setting

    • opotech said:

      If you have the full version you can pick presets from “Preset Colours (foreground)” in the settings menu. You can also set the colours with a colour-picker which is the menu item above. The free version has just 2 presets and no ability to set your own colours.



  3. Tim said:

    First off, great app. I’m pretty particular on what I load and like to keep things simple but this serves a real purpose of helping me de-stress and relax after a crap day.
    Is there a way to keep the app itself running (not the wallpaper) without timing out (screen shutoff at system default)? I’d like to keep it running at night while plugged in. There may be a setting in the phone or app I’m not aware of but I’d want it to apply just to the app only. I have an alarm app that stays open by settings, I would to see the same feature in Particles.

    • opotech said:

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for the positive comments! This is definitely something I can add to the application side of the wallpaper and I think would be a good option to add. I plan to update Particles to add Daydream support (Jelly Bean 4.2+) for docking and charging but it won’t be that soon as I’m working on other apps at the moment.


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