Cubescape 3D Live Wallpaper

Cubescape 3D Live Wallpaper

Play Link:

A wall of pulsating cubes with tap reactivity and advanced per-pixel lighting. Customisation includes

• Colour themes
• Speed, displacement
• Lighting options
• Tap to swap colours

  1. Mehdi said:

    This just keeps crashing :-/ even when I’m doing nothing, but staring to home page ! any Ideas ? [ Device : Xperia Ray, Android 2.3.4 ]

    • opotech said:

      Are there any error messages or a Force Close dialog? Do you get anything at all or only ever a black screen?

      • Mehdi said:

        Just a force close dialog. and there is no “wait” option available. once I click on force close, background goes dark and after a few seconds, the wallpapers comes back. but again, it crashes and again, no “wait”. but this time, there’s no coming back for the wallpaper. background goes dark untill changing phone’s wallpaper.
        Anyway, I noticed you released an update. I’ll try it out soon and see what would happen.

      • Mehdi said:

        The update didn’t fix anything …

  2. geert said:

    I installed this live wallpaper on two devices, one samsung galaxy s and a galaxy s3, both with ics 4.0.4. on the s it runs fine, but on the s3 it doesnt go further than a black screen.
    Part of logcat:

    I/SurfaceFlinger( 1914): id=917(1) createSurface 0x45650c (1×1),2 flag=400, MyWallpaperService
    D/KeyguardViewMediator( 2108): setHidden false
    D/ (22929): Device driver API match
    D/ (22929): Device driver API version: 10
    D/ (22929): User space API version: 10
    D/ (22929): mali: REVISION=Linux-r2p4-02rel0 BUILD_DATE=Fri May 4 10:32:42 KST 2012
    W/GL2JNIView(22929): creating OpenGL ES 2.0 context
    E/GL2JNIView(22929): Before eglCreateContext: EGL error: 0x3004
    D/dalvikvm(22929): Trying to load lib /data/data/opotech.cubeLWP/lib/ 0x418fab60
    D/dalvikvm(22929): Added shared lib /data/data/opotech.cubeLWP/lib/ 0x418fab60
    D/dalvikvm(22929): No JNI_OnLoad found in /data/data/opotech.cubeLWP/lib/ 0x418fab60, skipping init
    I/GL2 (22929): all initialized 2
    W/LiveWallpaperPreview(22882): Wallpaper service gone: ComponentInfo{opotech.cubeLWP/opotech.cubeLWP.MyWallpaperService}
    D/KeyguardViewMediator( 2108): setHidden false
    I/WindowManager( 2108): WIN DEATH: Window{42aa2540 XXXXXXX.XXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX paused=false}
    I/ActivityManager( 2108): Process opotech.cubeLWP (pid 22929) has died.
    W/ActivityManager( 2108): Scheduling restart of crashed service opotech.cubeLWP/.MyWallpaperService in 20000ms
    D/KeyguardViewMediator( 2108): setHidden false
    I/SurfaceFlinger( 1914): id=917 Removed MyWallpaperService idx=4 Map Size=5
    I/SurfaceFlinger( 1914): id=917 Removed MyWallpaperService idx=-2 Map Size=5
    D/KeyguardViewMediator( 2108): setHidden false

    Cubescape 3D on the galaxy s is looking good, on the s3 it would look brilliant.
    I hope you can do something with this info.

    • opotech said:

      Thanks for the report. I can’t see any specific errors there which are causing the WIN DEATH. Do your devices have custom ROMs on them?

      • geert said:

        No vanilla ics with touchwiz ux launcher and also with apex launcher with 1280×720 resolution

      • opotech said:

        I’m struggling to find a cause for this so at least for the moment it’s going to be unsolved. If you would like a refund email me your order number


        Richard @ Opotech

  3. geert said:

    No refund is needed. If you solve the issue then I will be happy and if I get a clue on getting it to work I will let you know.

    Thank you sofar,

  4. Mohammad said:


    So I’m wondering if you have got any closer to find a solution for the blackscreen? On HTC One X (international) with no anti-alias, everytime I “rush” through the homescreens it turns black. With anti-aliasing on the screen turns to a crash-ish look, like the screen is broken with a billion colors. This does’nt happen if I move slowly through the homescreens.

    Besides, the LW does’nt flip from left to right when I move through the homescreens.

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