3D Image Live Wallpaper


Creates the illusion of a 3D image when tilting the phone.

• Creates 3D effect from any image
• Includes high resolution Jelly Bean 4.2 wallpaper pack
• Efficient OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics
• Adjustable movement options
• Use your own images


  1. I installed it, but when selecting the wallpaper, it shows a tiny picture in the topright corner. Filling only 1/3 of the screen. This is on a samsung S3 with Go launcher

    • opotech said:

      Hi Mark,

      Sorry that the app isn’t working for you. I am working on a fix and will be updating the app either tomorrow or the day after.



  2. benjamin luegger said:

    Very nice feature, but I had to cancel the transaction from Playstore… I want to use my personal custom wallpapers but all I can select is a landscape crop of my pictures.
    I tried to unselect the movement option, where the wallpaper slides left and right with my desktop pages. Even with a fix wallpaper I cant make a portrait format selction of my chosen picture… With a fix on this option I would love to buy this app again. 😉

    • opotech said:

      Hi Benjamin,

      I see what you are saying. The app currently doesn’t support portrait crops, it works just like the regular launcher which assumes you need extra horizontal space for your homescreen scrolling. It would be a neat feature to go along with disabled homescreen scrolling but is probably not going to be something I will add for the foreseeable future.



  3. Jeff Chaney said:

    Would be amazing if you could add a middle layer of drop shadow from the icons / widgets on the home screen. Don’t even know if that is possible.

    • opotech said:

      Hi Jeff,

      Sorry but this isn’t possible from a Live Wallpaper since as far as I know, it can have no knowledge of what the homescreen icons look like. It would be a very impressive feature, though.



  4. Alan Hague said:

    I am unable to load any custom JPG images into the wallpaper. It says the program has stopped working and then the wallpaper is black. I have a Galaxy S4.

    • Alan Hague said:

      I meant to ask if there is a JPG image specification I need to adhere to. File size limits, pixel dimensions?

      • opotech said:

        Hi Alan,

        Sorry for the late response, but I’ve just released an update (v2.0.0) which should fix this. You can input any sized image you like and it should get downsized to fit your screen resolution.


      • Alan Hague said:

        It still does not work when I try to load a JPG from Skydrive

  5. Calvin Gordon said:

    Nothing happens when I tilt the screen!!!

    • opotech said:

      Hi Calvin,

      Which device do you have? It might not have a Gyroscope sensor. Can you reinstall the app and open it, open Settings and choose another one of the included Jelly Bean wallpapers that’s different to the default one. If you press Back then you should definitely see movement.


  6. andersh said:

    It’s a real stretch to say that this app “Creates 3D effect from any image”. It just looks like it’s panning around on everything I tried. Tried various settings and images with strong edges.

    Good work on the GyroSpace 3D wallpaper though.

    • opotech said:


      Here is a short guide from our FAQ which may help you: Make sure you have set the wallpaper, and use a homescreen that has several icons. Avoid using images that lack detail, such as simple gradients or shades. The parallax effect works better if you close one eye.

      Does that help?


      • Daniel said:


        When I choose my image, which you can see here and is hi res (http://www.rivistastudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/soviet6.jpg), it only allows me to show a tiny proportion of the image. It seems the image cropper requires the shape of the image to be landscape, when I want portrait. Thus I only get the full width of the image, but not the height, if you see what I mean.

        This means that when I use it as wallpaper, I get a ridiculously zoomed in view of the image. Is there a way to crop it with a portrait shaped cropper and thus get the whole image?


      • opotech said:

        Hi, we are working on an update to add different cropping options.

  7. I posted this on the comments on the play store, but I really wanted to hear your opinion. So I’m posting it here.

    How feasible is it to add a perspective option? So that when you tilt the device it will morph the image slightly. As it stands, if you take an image of a brick wall and use this app, it won’t look correct. Of course this effect won’t be helpful in all situations (for example, distant scenes) so it should be an option only for close shots.

    • opotech said:

      Hi, It’s a good idea but it would be difficult to get something to actually look 3D. If you just move the camera (view) from left to right or tilt the image, it will just look like a flat image that’s being rotated. At the moment we are working on bugfixes but it’s something I will play around with and see if it improves the effect.

  8. Mike said:

    App looks and works great mate. One feature request (though I’m not sure if it’s possible) would be to include shadows from icons/widgets to enhance the effect.

    Keep up the good work!

    • opotech said:

      Hi, It’s a good idea but not possible (you can’t get the information on location or shape of app icons/widgets from the launcher).

  9. Reynaldo said:

    What’s the best resolution to use for images? Thanks.

    • opotech said:

      Hi, The best size is 2x screen width by 1x screen height, if you want a scrollable wallpaper.
      If you have a 720p display, you need 1440×1280. If you have 1080p, use 2160×1920

      When cropping the image you can select portrait only, if that’s more suitable for the image you have.

  10. Reynaldo said:

    What is the optimal resolution for images (I.e. 1600 x 1200 or something)? Thanks.

  11. Andrew said:

    hey Opotech, i love your app and i was wondering if in a future update you allow us to load up our own multi-layer images. maybe 3 slots for different transparent pngs and the ability to choose the depth? i ask because i love designing my own wallpapers!

    • opotech said:

      Hi Andrew, Sorry, but we don’t have any plans to add that feature at the moment.


  12. Jomann said:

    Hi, neat app. I was wondering how to construct my own multi-layer scene. Im tech savvy so lay it on me.

    • opotech said:

      Hi, It’s not possible to create your own multi layer scenes with the app, it doesn’t support that feature.

      • I would also like to make my own multi-layer images. I didn’t think the app could do it, but there must be a layered format you are using for yours, like a layered png or even multiple pngs etc. Is there no way to simply make our own and have the app find them? I imagine it would need some sort of basic instructions as to the depth of each layer. This would be extremely cool and increase the value of this app 10 times for me! And again, I understand the app doesn’t let you make them, I’m asking if it’d be possible to make our own with photoshop etc.

      • opotech said:

        The images that are included are manually created and positioned from separate images. As it stands there’s no way to make it pick up custom multi layered images but it’s definitely a feature that we could add. Lots of people have requested it and we are considering it, but it would require some significant changes.

  13. sib said:

    Hi, I am using 3D Image Live Wallpaper.
    How to make “custom multi-layer image” for wallpaper?

    • opotech said:


      Unfortunately the app does not support that feature. It is probably our most requested feature and we are considering adding it but it may not be for a while yet.


  14. Andy said:

    Wonderful but ran into problem I use depthy.me to make images but now for some reason it does not work. keep getting “cannot load XMP” error. I will 5 star it if I can get a solution.

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