Updated 7th May 2015

This page describes how Opotech Limited (“we” or “us”) collects and uses information provided through our mobile apps.

Our games may display your Google Games profile name and profile picture in leaderboards provided by Google Play Games Services. You can remove yourself from the online leaderboards at any time by disconnecting the app via the Google Settings Android App.This information is not collected or stored by us.

Information collected:

Virtual Button Bar and Fine Volume Control

The following information is transmitted for trial licensing purposes but is not stored or passed to any other parties:

  • Android version
  • App version
  • Country code
  • Device brand
  • Device Name

Third Party Services

We may display third party banner and fullscreen adverts in our games. Third party advertising networks that we use may utilise your Android Advertising ID to display interest-based adverts. You may choose to opt out of interest based advertising or reset you Android Advertising ID by modifying settings on your device.

Any use of your Android Advertising ID is within the terms specified by the Google Play Developer Content Policy which can be accessed here: https://play.google.com/about/developer-content-policy.html#ADID


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